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Vote for American Idol

Every week I vote for my favorite American Idol contestants. I usually don't have just one that I think did well that week and deserves to stay. It's usually between two to four contestants.

I have been voting after every show in American Idol season 2, 3 an now 4.

The problem is the busy signals and having to hang up and retry just to get a few votes in for each of my favorites. I would spend at least 45 minutes trying each voting night. All I would say is "boy I wish there was a better way to vote for my American Idols".

Then I found it - American Idol voting software! What a great way to vote for American Idol. A product called Speedy Vote that uses my computer modem as an automatic redial button.

When I tired it I found that It could quickly detect the busy signal, hang up and try again. It also has American Idol's toll free number programmed into it so all I had to do was enter the contestant and the number of votes I wanted to place for them.

American Idol voting software not only made life easier but it was able to get more votes in. After one show I was able to get in 200 votes for my #1 favorite Idol contestant and 50 votes in for my #2 and another 50 for my #3 while I was watching another show and spending some time with my birds.

I think everyone that watches American Idol should place at least one vote for who they think was best. I doubt that everyone does because it's just such a pain getting the busy signals.

But Speedy Vote's American Idol voting software could change that. You can place one vote or hundreds of votes - it's your choice.

I think that Speedy Vote could not only save people a lot of time and headaches placing votes, it could actually get more people involved in placing votes - and that would be a good thing because it would really show who America wants as their next American Idol.

I think we should all use Speedy Vote to vote for American Idol which is why I took the time to write this page.

Here is a link to it:
Vote for American Idol with Speedy Vote